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Penumbra v0.71.0 Release: Chain Upgrade Instructions for Node Operators

Official announcement from the Penumbra team:

We’re excited to announce a new release today, v0.71.0. This release is particularly special as it’s designed to facilitate a chain upgrade in collaboration with our validator community. This is an essential step for all node operators to ensure continued participation in the network.

For those who have set up their nodes using our guide, we’ve prepared a quick installation script to ease the upgrade process:

curl -O && chmod +x && ./

Alternatively, if you prefer to perform the upgrade manually, here are the steps included in the script:

1. Terminate Existing Session

tmux kill-session -t penumbra

2. Export State

pd export --home ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd --export-directory ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-exported-state

3. Backup Current State

mv ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-state-backup

4. Update Penumbra

git clone
cd penumbra
git fetch
git checkout v0.71.0
cargo build --release --bin pcli
cargo build --release --bin pd

5. Migrate State

pd migrate --genesis-start "2024-03-28T19:18:38.745760868Z" --target-directory ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-exported-state/ --migrate-archive ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-migrated-state-v0.71.0.tar.gz

6. Prepare New State Directory

mkdir ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd && mv ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-exported-state/rocksdb ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd/
cp ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-exported-state/genesis.json ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/cometbft/config/genesis.json
cp ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd-exported-state/priv_validator_state.json ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/cometbft/data/priv_validator_state.json
find ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/cometbft/data/ -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -exec rm -r {} +

7. Restart Node

tmux new-session -d -s penumbra '/root/penumbra/target/release/pd start' && tmux split-window -h '/root/cometbft/cometbft start --home ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/cometbft' && tmux attach -t penumbra

This manual migration is crucial for maintaining your node’s active status within the network. We highly recommend using the provided script for convenience, but the manual steps are also available for those who prefer a hands-on approach. Thank you for your cooperation and commitment to the Penumbra network!


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