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Penumbra update of June 5, 2023

Hello @everyone! Testnet 53 Himalia is now live. For this release, we focused on making the DEX functionality shipped with the previous testnet more accessible and extensible. For developers, there are new RPCs for querying liquidity positions. We’ve also made sure to document the DEX-related commands with more explicit examples, to help folks get started using the trading functionality. Other improvements include:

  • Improved local query performance with column for hashed keys
  • Completes migration to Groth16 proofs – claiming swap outputs is now done in zero-knowledge
  • Added Cosmos SDK compatibility for representation of denomination metadata
  • Fixed bug in fill routing due to a rounding error for certain denominations
  • Added HTTPS support for the gRPC endpoint to the testnet deployment
  • Upgraded the Jellyfish Merkle Tree (JMT) dependency to v0.6.0

Additionally, we continue to reorganize our Rust dependencies for IBC logic. We hope to have this work completed by the next testnet, at which point we can return to testing packet relaying. We’ve also been hard at work with our partners at Zpoken on getting the GUI web extension for Penumbra ready. Stay tuned for an announcement on that next week.

Update on past version (or earlier)

cd penumbra && git fetch && git checkout v0.53.1

cargo build --release --bin pcli

cargo run --quiet --release --bin pcli view reset

cargo run --bin pd --release -- testnet unsafe-reset-all

cargo run --bin pd --release -- testnet join --external-address IP_ADDRESS:26656 --moniker MY_NODE_NAME

tmux new -s pd

export RUST_LOG="warn,pd=debug,penumbra=debug"

cargo run --bin pd --release -- start --home ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/pd Ctrl+B X tmux new -s tendermint

tendermint start --home ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/tendermint Ctrl+B X

cargo run --release --bin pcli -- validator definition template \
    --tendermint-validator-keyfile ~/.penumbra/testnet_data/node0/tendermint/config/priv_validator_key.json \
    --file validator.toml sudo nano validator.toml

Change the values:

enabled = true
name = "nodes name"
cargo run --release --bin pcli -- validator definition upload --file validator.toml
cargo run --release --bin pcli -- query validator list -i

Find yourself and copy your validator address.

cargo run --release --bin pcli tx delegate 990penumbra --to penumbravalid1uzt2c7net86ksz35snw2qgp8yfnwz2ary75h57azw2kn7aqncqxqlmlzja --source 0

Change it to your address that you copied earlier.


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