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Exploring Your Gateway to Connecting with EVM Networks

Chainlist (available at is a comprehensive platform designed to assist users in connecting to EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) powered networks. It serves as a valuable resource for those looking to connect their wallets and Web3 middleware providers to various blockchain networks.

Overview of EVM-Compatible Networks Supported by Metamask

ChainID Currency Network (Name)
7171 BROCK Bitrock Mainnet
1234 FITFI Step Network
61 ETC Ethereum Classic
6969 TOMB Tomb Chain Mainnet
204 BNB opBNB Mainnet
15551 LOOP LoopNetwork Mainnet
246 EWT Energy Web Chain
311 OMAX Omax Mainnet
71402 pCKB Godwoken Mainnet
336 SDN Shiden
88888 CHZ Chiliz Chain
57 SYS Syscoin Mainnet
1559 TENET Tenet
8 UBQ Ubiq
47805 REI REI Network
820 CLO Callisto Mainnet
269 HPB High Performance Blockchain
60 GO GoChain
32520 Brise Bitgert Mainnet
55555 REI REI Chain Mainnet
11297108109 PALM Palm
2 EXP Expanse Network
7 TCH ThaiChain
11 META Metadium Mainnet
15 DIODE Diode Prenet
17 TFI ThaiChain 2.0 ThaiFi
22 ELA ELA-DID-Sidechain Mainnet
24 KAI KardiaChain Mainnet
27 SHIB ShibaChain
29 L1 Genesis L1
33 GooD GoodData Mainnet
34 SCAI SecureChain Mainnet
35 TBG TBWG Chain
36 DX Dxchain Mainnet
37 XPLA Xpla Mainnet
38 VAL Valorbit
39 U2U U2U Solaris Mainnet
42 LYX LUKSO Mainnet
44 CRAB Crab Network
46 RING Darwinia Network
47 ACRIA Acria IntelliChain
48 ETMP Ennothem Mainnet Proterozoic
51 TXDC XDC Apothem Network
54 BELLY Openpiece Mainnet
55 ZYX Zyx Mainnet
58 ONG Ontology Mainnet
64 ELLA Ellaism
68 SOTER SoterOne Mainnet
70 HOO Hoo Smart Chain
74 EIDI IDChain Mainnet
75 DEL Decimal Smart Chain Mainnet
76 MIX Mix
77 SPOA POA Network Sokol
78 PETH PrimusChain mainnet
79 ZENITH Zenith Mainnet
80 RNA GeneChain
81 JOC Japan Open Chain Mainnet
86 GT GateChain Mainnet
87 SNT Nova Network
88 VIC Viction


Here’s an overview of what Chainlist offers:

Features and Functionality

  1. Comprehensive List of EVM Networks: Chainlist provides a detailed list of EVM networks, making it easier for users to find and connect to the appropriate blockchain network.
  2. Connection Support: The site enables users to connect their wallets and Web3 middleware providers to the correct chain by providing the necessary Chain ID and Network ID.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The website features a clean and straightforward interface, with options to search for networks, include testnets, and connect wallets directly from the platform.
  4. Wide Range of Supported Networks: Chainlist supports a variety of networks, including Ethereum Mainnet, BNB Smart Chain Mainnet, Arbitrum One, Polygon Mainnet, and many others, each with its specific ChainID and currency.
  5. Additional Features: Users can add their own network or RPC, view code, and toggle the site’s theme for a more personalized experience.

Trust and Reliability

  • High Trust Score: According to Scamadviser, has an average to good trust score, indicating that it is likely a legit and safe website to use.
  • Positive Highlights: The site receives significant traffic, has a valid SSL certificate, has been in existence for several years, and is considered safe by multiple web safety tools.
  • Negative Aspects: The only notable concern is the website owner’s identity being hidden on WHOIS, which is a common practice for privacy.

Specific Network Information

Chainlist also provides detailed information for specific networks, like the Polygon Mainnet, including ChainID, currency, and RPC URL list.

Conclusion is a valuable tool for anyone involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, particularly those who need to connect to various EVM networks. Its user-friendly interface, comprehensive list of networks, and high trust score make it a reliable and useful resource.


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