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A new episode of the MASSA testnet! The main network launches in September 2023

Rewards for Node Runners

The full details on the Massa mainnet tokenomics will be given in the White Paper. An allocation for node runners has been decided as part of the testnet incentive program: 3% of the total initial supply of 1,000,000,000 Massa, thus 30,000,000 Massa. These tokens will be distributed to node runners who registered to the testnet incentive program, depending on the number of points they obtained.

As usual, your number of points can be asked to MassaBot on Discord, and the leaderboard channel shows the best node runners of all times! Up to testnet 22 included, there were 9,134,230 points obtained in total, by 31,396 discord members, with a best score of 2,619 out of 2,700 possible points.

The 30,000,000 tokens will be distributed to the node runners who:

  • Accumulate a minimum of 250 points by the end of testnet 23;
  • Are not from uneligible countries (list to be communicated in a separate announcement);
  • Pass the KYC procedure by September 25th;
  • And provide their Massa wallet address by September 25th

Node runners will be contacted by MassaBot on Discord in July to pass the KYC procedure and to communicate their Massa address used to receive mainnet tokens. The token rewards of node runners who did not do these actions by September 25th will be redistributed to the people who did.

The exact ratio of Massa tokens per point will be determined once we know how many people passed these steps and how many points they have in total. This ratio will be shared by September 29th. It is expected to be between 3 and 4 tokens per point.

The rewards associated with the provided addresses will be written in the genesis ledger of Massa mainnet, with an on-chain vesting period. 10% of the tokens will be unlocked on mainnet launch, and the 90% remaining will be vested linearly over 12 months.

Also, the most stable stakers will be given the option to receive their reward as initial rolls instead of initial tokens, and this way to participate in the birth of Massa: the creation of the first blocks of the Massa mainnet. These will be the node runners who accumulate at least 300 points in the last 4 testnet episodes (episodes 23 to 26). They will also receive a bonus of 3 rolls (equivalent to 300 tokens).

With your invaluable support, we stand ready to launch the Massa mainnet in collaboration with hundreds of node runners, reinforcing our absolute commitment to decentralization right from the block genesis.

A Special Note to our Massa Ambassadors

We would be remiss not to recognize the invaluable contributions of the Massa Ambassadors. Your unwavering dedication and passion for the Massa project have played an instrumental role in our journey, and your efforts have helped foster a vibrant community. We deeply appreciate your efforts in spreading the Massa vision, hosting meetups, writing articles, translating content, and answering community questions.

Early next week, the Ambassadors will each receive a message outlining the number of tokens awarded in appreciation for their work. Please note, like the node runners, passing KYC is a prerequisite for this. You’ll be later prompted to provide your Massa wallet address for the token transfer; in the same manner as the node runners.

In September, we’ll see what rewards await for the 16 months of our nodes.

Last episode

The scoring will start at cycle 119, on Thursday, June 08 2023, 08:56 UTC


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